TymeTrac© is a feature-rich time and expense management solution for small and medium sized companies. It is very simple to use - expensive and time consuming training is not required. It has three level approval hierarchy, custom report generation and billing capability. TymeTrac© also has "In-Out" hours facility, non-billable and PTO hours tracking and an intuitive, easy to use "definitions" feature that makes custom setup features a very painless. No technical knowhow is required. It is entirely online so that users can log in to the system and perform functions from any location.

  1. Easy. Simple and intuitive data entry process including single click options.
  2. Fast. Most routine tasks such as entering hours or expenses take only seconds to complete rather than having to wade to a maze of menus.
  3. Convenient. It allows multi location and multi-currency operations, so projects can be tracked efficiently whether people work from home or office or while travelling.
  4. Comprehensive. It has a 3-level hierarchy for approval of time and expense.
  5. Flexible. It generates custom designed reports - client-wise, project-wise, location-wise etc. you can print hard copies or download them in most standard formats.
  6. Versatile. It can be used to generate invoices for clients based on hours worked and expense incurred and even payroll for employees.
  7. Online. The solution is entirely online and can be white labeled to suit your requirement.
  8. Affordable. Most important of all, it is very affordable, starting from only $49.95 a month for 10 users or less and 149.95 for 50 users or less. This works out to between $3 and $5 per employee per month. There is also a onetime set up fee of $ 1500. (For more users click here for special pricing)